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Road Reps




What is Road Reps?

Road Reps is a community initiative set up in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic.

What do Road Reps do?

In short, we help those within our community that are either self-isolating, because they may have the virus or are at high risk of complications, should they be exposed to the virus. Road Reps are on call to help. We are able to collect shopping, pick up urgent supplies, have a friendly telephone chat or even post mail.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, Road Reps is a free community-based programme. Do not charge/pay anyone for helping.

But what if I need shopping?

If you are unable to do an online shop for collection by a Road Rep or a direct home delivery, we advise the Road Rep to call the recipient to discuss payment for the shopping. Further advice for Road Reps will be available when they sign up. For reasons of security, recipients are advised not to give anyone their bank details and Road Reps are advised not to accept bank details.

What if I can’t afford shopping?

Please consider using the village hall food bank or contact George Crozer 07711 433 598 Stephen Gwilt on 01634 250637. Medway food bank telephone number is 01634 757057. They will also advise.

Can you help with putting shopping away?

NO YOU SHOULD NOT ENTER ANOTHER’S HOME. If the person is too frail or is disabled and unable to pick up the shopping bag/s from their front door, the self-isolator should be referred to Medway Council for a Social Care Assessment on 01634 334466. If the homeowner agrees you may be able to install a hook at a higher height to hang a bag on, but this will be for the Road Rep and the homeowner to agree upon.

I need medication collecting, can Road Reps collect?

I’m afraid not, however most GP surgeries now offer a prescription delivery service, we therefore advise you to contact the surgery to make arrangements. What is involved in becoming a Road Rep? Quite simply being available and willing to help. If you would like to become a High Halstow Road Rep, please get in touch. See Contact details below.

Why do you need my address?

In order to know where our Road Reps are available and which roads have been covered.

Will you pass my address on to others?

Certainly not, we may use the road name in order to let people know the area is covered but we will not pass your house number on to anyone.

Can I cover more roads than just my own?

You certainly can but please let us know which roads before, so that we can confirm the road isn’t already covered.

Health & Safety

For the safety of both the self-isolator and the Road Rep volunteer it is extremely important that no one enters another’s home. In addition Road Reps are volunteers who are unlikely to have been CRB checked so please do not allow anyone in to your home. All correspondence should take place over a telephone or at a distance of 2 meters. If at any point you believe you are infected with Covid-19 then speak to your area coordinator (see below) who can pass on any enquiries to another Road Rep.

How do I get in touch?

If you are interested in volunteering as a High Halstow Road Rep please email (preferably) or call 01634 250509. If you would like the support of your community hopefully a High Halstow Road Rep will be in touch soon.