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Proposed HH Expansion

Drop in exhibitions on Thursday 19 March 2020

Exhibitions will take place at:

Information will be on display at Hoo Library from 20 March 2020 to 17 April 2020.

Council officers will also be attending some parish council meetings during this time to talk about the proposals.

There are also copies of the document at all public libraries in Medway and at the reception desk at the council's offices at Gun Wharf. These are available for viewing during the consultation.

How to make your comments

To make you comments on the proposals in the Planning for Growth on the Hoo Peninsula document:

Submit your comments in writing by 5pm on Friday 17 April 2020.

Planning for growth on the Hoo Peninsula consultation

Medway Council have recently secured £170 million of funding to deliver strategic transport and environmental projects on the Hoo Peninsula through the Housing Infrastructure Fund.

This enables further development in this area that could help to meet Medway’s growth needs over the next 20 years. This potential growth could also be an important part of our development strategy for the new Medway Local Plan.

Find out more about regeneration in Medway

Our Planning and Regeneration teams are working on a development framework to guide how growth could come forward. This proposes a rural town based around Hoo St Werburgh and potential expansion of other villages.

The work seeks to set a vision and key principles for managing change. The document will help as evidence for the Local Plan.

We have published a brochure introducing the proposals, which sets out the scale, ambitions and principles for potential growth on the Hoo Peninsula. We intend to prepare a more detailed document to support the draft local plan later this year.

We are now consulting on this brochure, so that we can gather and consider views from local communities and key stakeholders before we publish the draft local plan for formal representations later this year.

We have arranged the following drop in events during the consultation where you can find out more about the proposals.

High Halstow Parish Council Proposed HH Expansion

The plan above is one of the options that Medway Council are proposing for development in their proposed Local Plan.  A draft of their latest proposed Local Plan is now available.

Proposed Medway Local Plan File Uploaded: 4 March 2018 8.4 MB Letter of response to Medway Council from PC Chairman George Crozer and Joanne Shorter File Uploaded: 4 March 2018 121.2 KB Sustainability Appraisal File Uploaded: 2 May 2018 4.4 MB