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The Tree Charter

By Cat Bloomfield High Halstow Parish Council

Friday, 1 March 2019


High Halstow Parish Council Contributor


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has partnered with the Woodland Trust, the National Union for Students (NUS) and the Tree Council to embed the ten principles of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People (the Tree Charter) within communities across the UK.

The call for a Tree Charter was initiated in 2015 by the Woodland Trust in response to the crisis facing trees and woods in the UK. Before the launch of the charter, there was no clear, unifying statement about the rights of people in the UK to the benefits of trees, woods and forests.

The Tree Charter was launched at Lincoln Castle on 6th November 2017. It sets out the principles for a society in which people and trees can stand stronger together.

NALC believes that local (town and parish) councils have a key part to play in protecting trees and woodland and believes they can do this by embedding the ten principles from the Tree Charter into their everyday practice.

You can show your support for the Charter's principles by signing the Tree Charter

Read the Tree Charter Toolkit for local councils


We are asking local councils to encourage their local community to show support for the 10 Principles of the Tree Charter by signing these signature sheets.

Local councils can incorporate signature gathering into their events, activities and communications.

Find out more about the Tree Charter campaign

Print out and use the signature sheet at your events


The Tree Charter draws its strength from the grassroots – from people and communities across the UK who stand up for trees, and help others to realise the importance of living by the charter’s 10 Principles.

The charter branch network includes parish councils, schools, community woodland groups, artists and campaigners. By gathering the stories that shaped the 10 Principles, and collecting signatures in its support, charter branches have made the Tree Charter what it is, and given it the strength to make real impact in society. This grassroots movement for trees is needed more than ever to bring the charter’s 10 Principles to life. This means shaping local policies to support the role of trees, and helping people understand the value of trees and what they can do to help them.

In 2018 the charter branch network will be able to utilise new resources and guidance developed by the Woodland Trust and other organisations which are committed to driving forward the Charter’s legacy.

NALC is encouraging more local councils to become charter branches. Becoming a local council charter branch means you will join a network which is dedicated to delivering the principles of the Tree Charter to their communities. There are currently over 240 local councils who have decided to become charter branches and they have formed some of their policies around some of the principles in the Tree Charter. Your council may already be doing this ie through its neighbourhood plan for example. If you are looking to protect trees and woodland within your neighbourhood plan or have done something to actively encourage the planting of trees you are already ticking the boxes to become a charter branch.

To become a charter branch please download the form below and return it to .

Download charter branch registration form.

If you are interested in becoming a charter branch please contact or call on 020 7637 1865.


This year, Tree Charter Day will be taking place on 24 November 2018. NALC is encouraging all local councils to get involved and celebrate the positive effects trees and woodland has had on their communities. There are plenty of ways you can do this from hosting a local event to taking a picture of your favourite tree and tweeting it to @NALC and @WoodlandTrust using #TreeCharter.

Use the Tree Charter Day wallchart and the case studies below to give you some ideas on how you can make a change.

If you have any questions please get in touch at or call on 020 7637 1865


NALC recently undertook a survey of local councils across the UK on behalf of The Tree Charter project. We found although 87% of local councils said issues around trees were discussed either frequently or sometimes during council meetings, only 22.8% of respondents indicated they have guiding policies concerning trees.

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