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HH Relief in Need

The charity has existed in High Halstow for many years and is an amalgamation of smaller charities/private trusts, the oldest of which dates from 1716.  It is to help residents of the parish of High Halstow who are going through a time of need or hardship; this not only includes widows and widowers but is also there to help other people of all ages and from all walks of life.  Requests can also be made by organisations or groups in the parish.

Requests for financial assistance can be made, at any time of the year, in writing or by email in person to any one of the Trustees.  A resident can apply on behalf of someone else in the village but their permission must be obtained first.  If you are not sure about a request and think it may be rejected, do not be afraid to speak to any of the trustees about it.  

Funds are there and available for people who need help.

The Trustees:

Name Telephone Address

Rev. Stephen Gwilt

01634 250 637

The Rectory, 2 Cooling Road

Mr Stuart Bailey

07976 760 844

27 Cooling Road

Mrs June Collins

01634 250 105

6 Marsh Crescent

Mr John Myatt

Decoy Hill Road

Mrs Chris Peek

01634 252 604

2 Willowbank Drive 

Mrs Natasha Turner

12 Marsh Crescent

Office email address