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High Halstow Parish Council

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Contact details:  Roxana Brammer -  Clerk 01474 871 269   clerk@highhalstow.org.uk


The Medway NHS Model Public Listening Event 13 September 2017

The Listening Event was set up to listen to the fears but also ideas of residents in Medway.  The challenges are:

  • The population in Medway in 2015 was 276,492.  The population of Medway is predicted to increase by around 50,000 by 2031.
  • The number of people over 70 will rise by 20% in the next 5 years.
  • Over a third of GPs will retire in the next 5 years
  • Medway NHS was £44m in the red in 2016/17 – and this is still rising.

What are they considering?

To make urgent care services simpler for patients, they propose a relocation of the services currently provided at the Walk-in-Centre at Balmoral Gardens Healthy Living Centre into a new Urgent Care Centre (UCC), with other urgent care services, near the A&E Department at Medway Maritime Hospital.

This move, less than a mile from the current locations will:

  • Simplify the urgent care system for most people
  • Ensure speedy access to the most appropriate specialists
  • Improve patient experience
  • Ensure better health outcomes
  • Make best use of skilled staff
  • Meeting national requirements

The UCC will offer a range of tests, treatments and services all in one centre, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It will be in place from April 2019.


Emergency care: this will continue to be provided through the A&E Department at the Medway Maritime Hospital

NHS 111: they will continue to improve the NHS 111 service which provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week free access to a range of clinicians for advice over the telephone.

The Medway NHS Model is aiming for all services to work better together to improve health and wellbeing (mental and physical).  Their aim for your care in the future:

Your care now :

  • Access can be patchy
  • Focused only health needs
  • Only assessed by a specialist when you visit hospital
  • Sometimes you are so frustrated you go to A&E

Your are in the future

  • Consistent and well organised
  • Social care included in the team
  • Decided with you
  • Simple to access
  • Focussed on your needs
  • Assessed by an expert without going to hospital

Discussions they want with YOU for YOUR NHS Medway

  • What advantages will the Medway Model bring to people in Medway (strengths)
  • What are the challenges to implementing these proposals? (weaknesses)
  • What opportunities will the Medway Model open up? (opportunities)
  • What do we need to put in place to make sure the Medway NHS Model works? (threats)

There was an A4 booklet available at the workshop and you can request a copy of this booklet by

The Listening Project want your views on their plans for local urgent care services.

They recognise they need to understand the views and experiences of all patients, public, stakeholders and staff who live and work in Medway (and surround areas) who may be affected by their proposal.

This is so that, by the end of November 2017, the CCG can make an informed decision on their plans for urgent care services locally and the proposed new Urgent Care Centre at Medway Maritime Hospital.  The feedback received will help them develop so they can deliver the benefits they, their patients, want to see.

They have therefore developed a questionnaire and are holding local events on the proposal to develop a fully integrated Urgent Care Centre at Medway Maritime Hospital, creating a single point of access and pooling a range of services and expertise.

The questionnaire can be found on www.medwayccg.nhs.uk/urgentcare



The village remained small until after the Second World War, comprising the church, a school, two shops, a pub, a wheelwright's shop, and an undertaker's, with the village being served by a single policeman. Eventually some of the older houses were demolished and replaced. Churchill Place was developed and in the area behind the church, formerly known as the Square, several modern bungalows replaced five thatched cottages. From 1952 more homes were built in the village to house Isle of Grain oil refinery employees.

Historically, the main economic activity around High Halstow has been farming, but some of the village's residents gained employment outside the village, at the Royal Naval Armaments Depot at Chattenden and Lodge Hill Military Camps and at the Medway Oil and Storage Co at Grain. Chatham Dockyard and the Short Brothers seaplane works at Rochester were also traditional employers for the whole area until they shut many years ago.

The village still has its church, a shop and pub (the Red Dog) but has changed beyond recognition in living memory.

The village's cricket club has played in the area for almost 120 years.  Ever expanding, the club now has Three Saturday sides, one Sunday side and three colts sides. They play their home matches at Rayner's Meadow, which is situated in Christmas Lane, and at the Hundred of Hoo school, Hoo.